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Some attractions in Ho Chi Minh City


Travelling to Ho Chi Minh City, it means there are many choices about interesting things to do such as night tour in cruise on Saigon River, visiting tourist attractions, sipping a cocktail on the best rooftop bars, walking around famous streets, etc.

This below guide are some attractions which attract foreign tourists when they come to this city first time. Now, read on the exciting information about Ho Chi Minh City. Let’s go!

1. How about transportation in Ho Chi Minh City?

Transportation fo tourists are primarily motobike, taxi, bicycle, xich lo, especially, public transportations is a cheapest way such as buses. But there is a tip for travellers, they should choose a motobike to experience stunning view about Ho Chi Minh City. 

This city is known as the motobike capital in the world. There’s an suprisingly quality of motobikes in Ho Chi Minh City because everyone who lives here gets around is by motorbike. There are 2 ways to join in motobike traffic: 

– Rent a motobike:

If you have the confidence to rent and drive a motorbike yourself, there are plenty of rentals agencies. You should refer some tips about how to deal price with agencies before deciding rent a motobike to take a short tour around this city. 

– Book Grab Bike or motobike taxi: 

Almost people choose to book a grab bike – a new kind of transportation in Vietnam. You just need down load Grab Bike app on your phone and take your trip. This service is very safe and popular in Ho Chi Minh City. Moreover, a motobike taxi is not a bad idea. On just about every corner of every street in Saigon, you’ll see men reclining on their motorbikes, sometimes sleeping, sometimes just gazing into the traffic and patiently waiting. These men are motorbike taxi drivers. For a price, they will take you anywhere in the city you want to go.

Transportation in Ho Chi Minh City is very interesting thing


2. Where is interesting place in Ho Chi Minh City?

– Saigon River:

Walking on Ton Duc Thang Street, people can see the busiest of resident along Saigon River, also in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. There are many high-class hotels and restaurants near Saigon River such as Bay Hotel, Rex Hotel, etc. The best way to feel the beauty of Saigon River in evening is booking a tour around this river or have diner at the floating restaurant on Saigon River. 

– The Notre Dame Cathedral:

It’s one of tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City. The church is an sign of this city and it’s placed in District 1 where is considered as the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. There is an interesting thing here that is the images of modern buildings cover the church. From Notre Dame Cathedral, visitors can visit Independence Palace, shopping at Diamond Plaza, Dong Khoi street, Ho Con Rua, drinking coffee in Han Thuyen street, etc.

The cathedral is beautiful, with two 40 meter high towers, and a statue of the Virgin Mary in the front lawn area. Make sure you go to the very front on the road-side, so you can get a great photo of Virgin Mary with the cathedral in the background. Inside the cathedral you’ll see beautiful stained glass windows, the wooden pews, and classic plaid floor tiles.

– Nguyen Hue – Pedestriant Street:

It’s a famous street in center of Ho Chi Minh City, there are many hotels, shopping malls, the old apartments in 2 sides of road. Walking from one end of the street to the other takes you around ten minutes and you will find some nice bars along the way. It is nice to walk on Nguyen Hue – the first pedestriant street, or take a seat on one of the benches, to have a look at the daily life and routine of the locals. 

The best rooftop bar of luxury hotels in Ho Chi Minh City

3. Must-try food in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is an overwhelming paradise for food lovers, both because of the delicious flavors and combinations of Vietnamese food, and for the abundance, quantity, and variety of food available everywhere you look.


If you’re fiding the local dishes in Ho Chi Minh City, you should go to Turtle Lake to try  Banh Trang Nuong. It is known as Vietnamese pizza, Banh Trang Nuong is also made with rice paper, which is grilled like a pizza crust over charcoal, topped with a quail egg, chili sauce, dry pork, green onions, among other things. Sometimes, it is called Vietnamese taco by foreigners. 

The second food, tourists should try is Bun Mam. This is one of the specialties of Hue, which has long been very popular in Ho Chi Minh City. In the water of the vermicelli, Hue people tend to add a little sauce, contributing to the taste very own. Hot pot gourd is a typical Southern dish. Gourmet fish from the gourd is often cooked with the giang leaves make the sour taste, characteristic chit. Vegetables are used with hot pot fish include raspberries, sweet vegetables and fruits, banana flowers, etc. with the attractive aromas of vegetables and spices typical, hot pottery sticks will be unforgettable.

When you travel in Ho Chi Minh City, you must try street food which is a part of Ho Chi Minh City culture. Eating street food is the best way to make new friends and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. You’ll find street food stalls set up in everywhere in this city such as Pho, Banh Mi are widespread and remain very popular, but you’ll also discover dozens of other delicious Vietnamese dishes like Bun Rieu (crab noodles), Pork Chop Over Rice, Banh Khot (savory griddle cakes), and Bo La Lot (minced beef wrapped in wild betel leaves and grilled).

If you go out wandering around Saigon, you’ll have no trouble finding unbelievably delicious food to try. Just pull up a tiny plastic stool at a plastic table, and try whatever you see available. You may not always know what you’re eating, but you’ll have an incredible time tasting, and the experiences you’ll have as a result of being adventurous and samplings different foods is something you’ll never forget.

With many suggestions above, hopefully, travellers can get a good trip around Ho Chi Minh City. If you want to find out a romantic place to enjoy a cocktail glasse and beautyful view of this city, rooftop bar is an exciting choice for them. Click here to discover the best rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Top the best rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City


There is no better place to party in style than the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City. From the colonial charm of Chill Sky Bar to Propeller rooftop bar in this city. Drinks and food served at rooftop bars are unsurprisingly on the pricier side. Read on to discover the best rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City.

1. Chill Sky Bar

Chill Skybar Saigon is one of the most popular nightspots in Ho Chi Minh City. Located in District 1, this rooftop bar and clubs sits on the 25th floor of AB Tower and attracts a lively crowd who are dressed to impress and keen to party. The bar uses lots of neon lighting that feels totally modern, and then far below you can see the hustle of the city. 

The bar opens at 17:30, just about an hour or so before sunset, and plays down tempo, chill out music through dusk, before livening things up around 22:00 when the DJ spins popular hip hop and dance music. Unlike other cocktail bars in Ho Chi Minh City, there is a dance floor inside Chill Skybar which becomes packed with the elites and fashion – forwards on weekends.

The cocktail menu is a rather limited collection of classics, some of which have signature twists, such as the mojito, made with sugar syrup instead of brown sugar and a splash of champagne instead of soda. Owing to its popularity, you are advised to call ahead and make a reservation if you would like to take a seat while you enjoy the view. Otherwise there is standing room only at the bar or seating inside the club. Chill Skybar Saigon is popular with tourists who come for the great views, cool vibe, and to take photographs to share their experience. 

Address: AB Tower Saigon, 76A Le Lai. District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

2. Propeller rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City

If guests would like to take a brazing light of the city while sipping on cocktails and sink your soul into music and grills, Propeller rooftop bar of Bay Hotel is the best choice. The guests will receive warm welcome from our friendly waiters/waitresses in the first time. If the guests would like to experience a stunning view of this city, they should choose the seats which face Saigon River. This is the most appealing characteristic of Propeller bar.

The best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City

There are attractions on Propeller bar’s fabulous drink menu such as Bay On The High, Singapore Sling, House Spirit, etc. One of them, the bar’s namesake drink, The Propeller Cooler, is a special drink made with White Rum, Pineapple, Lime, Juice, Honey, Coconut milk; Mint leaves. It’s the sort of elegant cocktail. Besides, guests should try some Asian food as fresh spring roll with pork dumping, grilled chicken wing with BBQ sauce, seafood combo (squid, cobia steak, and prawn with fish sauce) created by the best chefs of Propeller Bar.

Address: 7 Ngo Van Nam, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

3. Rex Garden Bar

Rex Rooftop Garden is a legendary spot no traveller should miss out on during their holiday visiting Ho Chi Minh. It is one of the lowest rooftop bars in the city at only five storeys high, but far from hindering the view the modest height is actually one of the Rex Hotel’s redeeming features. This is one of the best places in the city to relax with a cool cocktail in hand as day turns to night and the beep and screech of scooters can be faintly heard on the breeze.

The bar is built across the majority of the rooftop with wooden decking, potted plants and many tables spread out across its length and width. Some tables are under cover and others fully bared to the elements. The unusual shape of the Rex Rooftop Garden also allows for a large stage and dance floor. The drink list is sizeable, with prices fairly in line with most other rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City.

Address: Rex Hotel Saigon, 141 Nguyen Hue Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City 

4. Glow Sky Bar

Glow SkyBar Saigon is a trendy rooftop venue that has gained massive popularity amongst expats and trendy locals since its establishment in 2015. Located in District 1, it boasts a beach club atmosphere with plenty of tropical trees, black-and-white furnishing, spacious dancefloor, and a fully-stocked bar on the main deck. Offering expansive views of the city’s modern and colonial architecture, you can enjoy a chat with friendly staff and fellow travellers during the day, and dance to resident DJs spinning deep and tropical house tunes from sunset onwards.

The best rooftop bar in Sai Gon

A long list including wise, beer and classic cocktails such as mojitos, old fashion, and whisky. Its extensive range of signature cocktails which is a mix of Belvedere vodka, lemongrass syrup, Vietnamese basil, lime, pink pepper and celery bitters. In-house ginger syrup, cucumber, egg white and jasmine. 

Address: 93 Nguyen Du, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

5. The View Rooftop Bar at Duc Vuong Hotel

The View Rooftop Bar at Duc Vuong Hotel is a great place for a drink. Its location on the ninth floor of the hotel offers panaromic views of Ho Chi Minh City, resulting in some great photographs. This vibrant bar is also easy to find as it is housed atop one of the tallest buildings on the street. 

The View Rooftop Bar is spread out across the entirety of the roof and split into two main sections providing plenty of seating. In addition, there is a sort of tree house structure made out of wood and an indoor ‘party room’ with disco lights (although this is almost always empty). It must be said that service here is excellent and the English speaking staff are happy to chat and offer advice about where to go in Ho Chi Minh. They also serve a reasonable menu of western and Vietnamese standards but ultimately it’s the cheap cocktails that keep people coming back for more. 

Address: 195 Bui Vien, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Hopefully, with many suggestions above, you’ll get an interesting places to enjoy your night in Ho Chi Minh City. Moreover, if you want to know more the best accommodations with Singapore style in this city, click here, please!

The best places to get a good cocktaill with a view in Ho Chi Minh City


When people come to any city in the world, they want to find the best places to get a stunning view in this city. Especially, some places as the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City or the best restaurant and lounge are willing to serve tourist when they travel to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

1. Bitexco Financial Tower 

Feast your eyes on the vistas of the cityscape at the Bitexco Financial Tower, the tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City with 68 stories and 262-metres high. On the 52nd floor, EON Heli Bar offers an overwhelming inspiring 360-degree view of the city’s geography and dense population, an exciting backdrop for a drink or two from late afternoon til night.

It’s affected through a regularly dressed after work crowd, camera-happy tourists and hushed couples on a romantic date, EON Heli Bar manages to create enough separate areas with low-lighting and a range of seating choices so the bar retains a sophisticated vibe in which to enjoy a range of signature cocktails, as well as several pages of wines, spirits and some tasty mocktails. All beverages are served with complimentary bar snacks and there are smoking and non smoking sections from which you are free to choose. 

A favourite is the Saigon Fizz, a heady sparkling wine concoction with Tanqueray gin, mint and lime juice. With more masculine, try the whisky-based Le Loi, with Johnnie Walker Platinum stirred with an Angostura-soaked sugar cube, a dash of soda and garnished with flamed orange zest. 

Address: 52 – levels, Bitexco Financial Tower, 2 Hai Trieu Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

2. Propeller – one of the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City

Many cocktails may taste better than when sipped under open skies, high above the noise and chaos of the city streets. In a place like Propeller rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City, guest can experience thr drinks with breathtaking views. 

One of the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City

Propeller bar in located in the sky of Singapore hotel – Bay Hotel. The bar is the perfect place to unwind with stunning panoramic view of Ho Chi Minh City and the Saigon river. Here the guests can enjoy poolside cocktail while having some snacks or meals such as fresh spring roll with pork dumping, grilled chicken wing with BBQ sauce, seafood combo (squid, cobia steak, and prawn with fish sauce) created by the best chefs of Propeller bar.

Besides, delicious food, there is a long list cocktail for guests such as Bay On The High, Singapore Sling, House Spirit, etc. One of the drinks, the bar’s namesake drink, The Propeller Cooler, is a special drink made with White Rum, Pineapple, Lime, Juice, Honey, Coconut milk; Mint leaves, etc.

Address: 7 Ngo Van Nam, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

3. Broma – not a bar

Don’t let the name fool you. Located on one of the stools that look out across Nguyen Hue Avenue and you are practically eye-to-eye with the Bitexco Financial Tower. This comfortable bar offers a wide selection of beer and cocktails, as well as live music and a party atmosphere.

There’s no signs, so you need to walk up a few flights of stairs and through another random bar on a lower level to get there. All part of the fun though till about 8pm it’s quiet, and easy to grab a good spot on the long bench seats which line the edge of the rooftop, as well as a few beers from the friendly staff at the bar.

After 8pm this tiny little space starts to pack out. There are many bonus points for guests watching because it’s only four floors up, you can still peer over the edge and watch life rush past while you have a drink. The guests’ view is well worth it in a place like HCMC, where you might see anything from machete wielding little girls (selling coconuts), to a military parade, to scooters madly dodging a couple getting wedding photos in the middle of a zebra crossing.

Address: 41 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

4. Centec Tower 

Grade A office building, designed by Worldwide Architects, Singapore. It was completed and operational in  January 2009.  Wholly funded by SPN with permanent land use  right. The first grade A office building in Ho Chi Minh city to be built by a local developer . 

The top of CT, its outdoor wooden platform is perfect for taking in the panoramic view over the Reunification Park and many other landmarks. It provides good ambiance with contemporary decor. An added bonus is that it’s rarely packed with tourists.

Atop an office block, romantic Shri has some of the best views in town. Book ahead for a terrace table or settle for the industrial-chic dining room. Look forward to international spins on steak and seafood – with international prices to match – or a cheaper pasta and paella menu. Also consider Shri for a sunset cocktail or the set lunch. This place promise bring a romantic feeling for the guest.

Address: 72 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, 6 Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Restaurants in Singapore hotel in district 1

5. OMG Bar 

The rooftop has comfort couches and design love seats with a softly lit bar. It’s the perfect place to stop in for a bite to eat, for a drink or for a small business meeting. For extra comfort and to please a large group of people we will make up a special menu for customers. The fusion menu is inspired by different countries’ specialties and appeal to a diverse clientele.

Some favour dished such as sashimi or chicken teriyaki or Swedish salmon gravlax, or you can go a little bit more International and choose different Risotto, or an Asian grilled prawn with pesto or even a taste of France by ordering our “homemade” Foie Gras. We also have a special pasta dish. The value here will be an interesting business lunch menu with specialties every day (hopefully a few months later after the opening). The menu will change every 3-4 months but keep the favorites. Prices are competitive with other upscale restaurants in the area. However, OMG bar will try to give a perception of higher value, through its food, service, and entertainment.

Address: 14 Le Lai, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

6. Hotel Majestic

On the fifth floor of Hotel Majestic, Breeze Sky Bar is not as high as some rooftop bars, but it faces the enchanting Saigon River. Built in 1925, this grand building is an old French colonial-era hotel, like the Caravelle Hotel and Rex Hotel. Sunset is the best time to enjoy a cocktail here, as you can enjoy the colours deepening across the river.

Breeze Sky Bar at Hotel Majestic Saigon is one of the oldest bars in Ho Chi Minh City. Set on the fifth floor, it overlooks the tranquil Saigon River and has been serving the Vietnamese upper class and Western tourists since its establishment in 1925. Fitted with wooden furnishing, an Art Deco bar section, and beautiful French-designed interior, this rooftop bar exudes a feeling of times gone by. 

Breeze Sky Bar is not your typical Saigon sky bar as it is more focused on eating than drinking. You can have an international buffet breakfast (from 6:00-10:00), Barbeque Buffet Dinner (from 18:30-21:30) or enjoy their á la carte menu (24/7). It is recommended to get seated at one of the quiet, private tables, which can be found on the very top. You should look for a set of stairs that leads you up to a small patio from where you go up another flight of stairs to find a quiet oasis. 

Address: 1 Dong Khoi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

With many the good places introduced, hopefully, tourists will have a wonderful trip in Ho Chi Minh City. If you would like to know more about the best venues to eat the Vietnamese dishes, click here please!. 

Thank your for reading this article!

Have a good trip!

Top 5 restaurants to experience Asian cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh City is famous for street food, luxury hotels, activities in night such as drinking in beer club or the best rooftop bars, chatting in coffee shops, etc. Let’s read on some suggestions below to discover the best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City for travellers.

1. Dìn Ký Restaurant

It is a large place, and a franchise. It is definitely local food, and the menu is large to reflect a lot of choices. Guests will be very satisfied with the soup dishes which were above average. Portions just right – about 2 cups each, and a meal for 7 people cost about $18 USD.

When it comes to round-the-clock dining in Ho Chi Minh City, Din Ky Restaurant – known locally as Nhà hàng Dìn Ký – has been the place to go for many years. They have dishes from all around the world, but it’s their seafood that keeps bringing back customers. They even have fish tanks where you can choose your meal. If you believe in the old adage that you should eat where the locals eat, then this is the spot for you. Din Ky Restaurant will is the good place to get a nice meal together with a family.

Address: 137C Nguyen Trai, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2. CHIC restaurant

CHIC restaurant is a important part of Bay Hotel which is located in center city. This restaurant is an unforgetable experience for guests. Their staffs are really attentive and responsive and fun as well. CHIC restaurant will bring the best of Asian cuisine to guests with unforgettable culinary favourites in a cosy and contemporary timber setting. At CHIC Asian Flavours, Singapore’s celebrated laksa, a rich, fragrant and flavourful coconut and shrimp-based curry rice vermicelli noodle soup, receives a stunning makeover and is served with deep-fried soft-shell crab and topped with Pacific clams.

Restaurant and rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City

CHIC’s Indonesian beef rendang is a match made in heaven with jasmine rice, while the Malaysian-style mee goreng fried noodles served with fresh king prawn is spicy and smoky. The stir-fried baby squid with salted egg yolk brings a sinful but irresistibly tasty Singaporean-style stir-fry within fork’s reach, while patrons of lighter Vietnamese flavours are not forgotten with CHIC’s popular beef ball and striploin pho. The restaurant also offers an attractive.

Moreover, if people come to CHIC in the evening, they can also go to the Propeller rooftop bar which is located on 18-floors, the guests will be experienced the stunning view of Ho Chi Minh City from the Propeller bar. This is a interesting information for the guests.

Address: 7 Ngo Van Nam, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

3. Gotcha Restaurant

Gotcha restaurant is located down a quieter side street on Bui Vien, they were packed night after night with people enjoying one of their hearty late night dishes – but now that they’ve moved right into the thick of the action on Bui Vien, they’re more popular than ever. Dine-in at Gotcha where has a small indoor floor-space, wifi, fans, a restroom, and a couple tables large enough to be comfortable and seat at least 4 people on each.  When the night’s winding down, swing by for a falafel or a tasty kebab before going to sleep. The cabbage mix and tomatoes, and how the pita holds together pretty well, especially, Gotcha’s garlic mayo is great. And it doesn’t matter how late you’re out, because they’re open all day.

Address: 25 Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

4. McDonald’s

Sometimes you just need to mow down on a Big Mac and fries, even if you know you’ll probably regret it the second you finish. This is Vietnam’s flagship McDonald’s, located just a short stroll from the Pham Ngu Lao backpackers area, and while you should check out some amazing local places instead, we know the temptation. Maybe just this one time, right?

As you know, McDonald’s was appeared into many nations in the world but its discrepancies in quality is different. It’s said that McDonald’s VN is on the good side. The beef is imported from Australia, ingredients are fresh and the labs are clean. Moreover, guests don’t order at the counter but beforehand through PDAs. It seemed weird for travellers who come here the first time, but since this is very new for Vietnam.

one of the restaurant in Singapore hotel in district 1

McDonald’s in Ho Chi Minh City is really excellent, employees will welcome you when you enter, and start taking your order the minute you enter the restaurant. After that you wait in line until your order is ready. This might take a few minutes, nothing is just laying there getting cold. While this is counterintuitive for a fast food restaurant, we still only had to wait a few minutes for quite a large order. It’s definitely a place worth visiting for every McDonalds enthusiast.

Address: 2-2A Tran Hung Dao, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

5. May Restaurant and Lounge 

May Restaurant and Lounge features some of the finest dishes you’ll find in Ho Chi Minh City. They say their menu represents contemporary Saigon, with international flavors in a high end local setting. You may wish to make a reservation, though, as they are a popular spot. This is more of a spot to spend an evening rather than one you stumble into late at night.

May Restaurant is located on the historic Bui Thi Xuan Street in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, the restaurant offers a wide range of fresh, high-quality ingredients and myriad international dishes and wines, both by the bottle and by the glass. It is a hidden gem that one can’t afford to miss whether you are simply visiting or live and work in the area.  Open from 07:00AM until late, its welcoming, professional staff are ready to help you escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and to ensure that all of your needs are comfortably met. Interested in finding a venue for your next event or private party? Look no further, for MAY’s passion, open bar is available and ready to host you and your guests. The primary goal of the restaurant is to ensure that all of its customers have an enjoyable experience. 

Address: 56-58 Bui Thi Xuan, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

With some valuable suggestions about top best restaurants to try Vietnamese food, tourists can experient a good trip in this city. Besides, if you want to know more about interesting places to stay when come to Vietnam, click here to make a best choice for yourself. 

The best places to take photo in Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh City is one of the mordern cities in Vietnam with many interesting places such as the best rooftop bars, luxury hotels, Singapore hotels, street food, etc. With some easy guide below, we are easy to visit Vietnamese dishes in Ho Chi Minh City. Now, let’s go!


1. Ben Thanh Market

This emblematic market is the most famous of all markets in Vietnam, and also one of the oldest. It has witnessed the ups and downs of the beautiful city. In addition to being a market, the structure serves as a historical site, landmark, rendezvous point and a background for beautiful photo-ops.

The market is big, difficult to navigate at times and certainly best avoided during the hottest part of the day but all the same its well worth a look. When night falls, restaurants around the perimeter of the market open their doors creating a vibrant street side scene filling the air with the scents of wok-fried noodles, barbecued fish and meats. One of Saigon’s oldest landmarks, Ben Thanh offers a great atmosphere that is absolutely authentically Vietnamese. 

Save your appetite and head to Ben Thanh Market in the evening where you can be served some real street style local food at one of the 20 or so eateries that surround the market building. Chefs will cook in front of you with an endless array of cuisine choices including vegetarian noodles, fresh seafood, crispy rice pancakes and steamed cakes. You will be in great local company as most of the places thrive with locals enjoying a bite to eat and a quick drink on their way home from work. For shopping heaven head to the market preferably early morning to pick up some bargains including lacquer ware, bamboo goods, arts and crafts. Also on sale are clothes, textiles, luggage, watches and an assortment of electronic goods. Spices, nuts and local fruits heavily scent the air which is also filled with the chatter of tourists and locals haggling for bargains. Do note however that some items will be strictly fixed price.

2. Notre dame cathedral

Materials were imported exclusively from France to build this cathedral, modeled to look like the Notre Dame in Paris. It was completed in the late 19th century. Standing out front is a statue of the Virgin Mary that became a sensation in 2005, when eyewitnesses claimed to have seen tears being shed from her eyes.

3. The Central Post Office

The Central Post Office is located right next to the Notre Dame Cathedral and this too was constructed in the late 19th century. The name of the architect should be familiar to you–Gustave Eiffel. He’s known for architecting some pretty awesome stuff. The post office looks like a giant railway station and still functions today, so make sure to send some postcards back home to make your loved ones jealous of your adventures.

4. Nguyen Hue – Perdestriant street

Nguyen Hue is in the vicinity of other popular sites of Ho Chi Minh City, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, City Hall and Opera House. This is a pedestrian street that is lively every day. You will find people in smurf and pikachucostumes, people sitting on the floor and enjoying some street food, concerts, and even the occasional art exhibition.

City Hall - some interesting in Ho Chi Minh City

5. City Hall

The City Hall is an architectural masterpiece completed in 1908 and still functions as a government office, so you cannot go inside. Yet you can appreciate the beauty of the structure from the outside as it looms at the north end of the pedestrian street, Nguyen Hue. The cream and yellow structure gets lit up with floodlights come nighttime and is a spectacular sight.

6. Bitexco Tower

The observation deck of the Bitexco Tower, the tallest building in the city, will give you a bird’s eye view of the city’s hustle and bustle from 52 floors above. The photos will surely make your Instagram followers dizzy.

7. Bui Vien – second perdestriant street

Bui Vien is the popular backpacker street and party central of Ho Chi Minh City, akin to Khao San Road of Bangkok. Neon lights, sidewalk bars, people dancing in the street, nitrous balloons–you will capture all of this in one shot.

8. Propeller – one of the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City

After enjoy the distinguish meals all day, if guests would like to take a brazing light of the city while sipping on cocktails and sink your soul into music and grills, Propeller rooftop bar of Bay Hotel is the best choice. The guests will receive warm welcome from our friendly waiters/waitresses in the first time. If the guests would like to experience a stunning view of this city, they should choose the seats which face Saigon River. This is the most appealing characteristic of Propeller bar.

There are attractions on Propeller bar’s fabulous drink menu such as Bay On The High, Singapore Sling, House Spirit, etc. One of them, the bar’s namesake drink, The Propeller Cooler, is a special drink made with White Rum, Pineapple, Lime, Juice, Honey, Coconut milk; Mint leaves. It’s the sort of elegant cocktail. Besides, guests should try some Asian food as fresh spring roll with pork dumping, grilled chicken wing with BBQ sauce, seafood combo (squid, cobia steak, and prawn with fish sauce) created by the best chefs of Propeller Bar.

the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City

9. Buu Long Pagoda

This golden temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Ho Chi Minh City and mixes architectural styles of India, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. It’s a little far away, in District 9, but the drive is worth it as this is a really unique temple set on tranquil grounds.

10. Jade Emperor Pagoda

This golden temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Ho Chi Minh City and mixes architectural styles of India, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. It’s a little far away, in District 9, but the drive is worth it as this is a really unique temple set on tranquil grounds.

11. The Crescent Walk

Troll your Instagram followers for a bit by pretending you’re in Singapore. Walking around the Crescent Walk really does seem as if you are no longer in Vietnam–it’s high-end and international. There is a bridge that connects The Crescent to Ho Ban Nguyet Park and at night, the fine streams of water on both sides change color thanks to the neon lights installed in the bridge.

With this easy guide, we hope that travellers can find out many interesting places, good places to visit or take some photos. If you want to know more details about Ho Chi Minh City, click here

Spending sleepless night in Ho Chi Minh City


Do you know why Ho Chi Minh City considered as a sleepless city?. Because of the interesting activities such as drinking in the best rooftop bars, visiting food streets, swimming in the outdoor swiming pool in Singapore district 1, etc. Here is our guide on how to spend a sleepless night in Ho Chi Minh City. 

1. Backpacker street

Bui Vien and Pham Ngu Lao streets are some good places for tourists to visit because there are many rooftop bars or pubs as well as famous restaurants. A portion of the city’s drinking population has battled traffic to get here at night, so why leave? This convivial spot is always packed with both tourists and young Vietnamese locals who settle into low-slung plastic chairs and enjoy cheap beers and drinking snacks. Buzzing activities and loud music will work the crowd into sweaty cheer groups.

2. Late night eats

In a city where the heat easily puts you off during the daylight, late-night cheap eating can offer a chilled-out and bargain way to discover the local life. You will find yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with manual labourers, hawkers and night-shift workers. Whether looking to stave off a hangover, desire a feast or simply a light meal, you never run out of options. Check out our guide to the best late-night eats in the city.

3. The best rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City

If you have little enthusiasm for going inside a sweaty club and prefer to chill outdoors, smoking and chatting, drop yourself off at rooftop bars which we recommend here. Not only do they offer vibrant and stunning views of the city’s nightlife, most of them open until 2 AM.

There is one of the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City, Propeller bar, the best rooftop bar. The guests will receive warm welcome from our friendly waiters/waitresses in the first time. If the guests would like to experience a stunning view of this city, they should choose the seats which face Saigon River. This is the most appealing characteristic of Propeller bar.

There are attractions on Propeller bar’s fabulous drink menu such as Bay On The High, Singapore Sling, House Spirit, etc. One of them, the bar’s namesake drink, The Propeller Cooler, is a special drink made with White Rum, Pineapple, Lime, Juice, Honey, Coconut milk; Mint leaves. It’s the sort of elegant cocktail. Besides, guests should try some Asian food as fresh spring roll with pork dumping, grilled chicken wing with BBQ sauce, seafood combo (squid, cobia steak, and prawn with fish sauce) created by the best chefs of Propeller Bar.

one of the best rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City

4. Live music

There is a new trend sweeping Saigon as bars and clubs transform into live music venues. These are equally attractive for up-and-coming bands to perform and for audiences who can get in for free or pay 7$ for a night out listening to everything from underground techno, house, disco, reggae and guitar jams. While The Observatory takes the prize for its unusual setting – an underground music club, Saigon Outcast stands out with its open air and indie vibes.

5. 24-hour cafes

24-hour cafes are the go-to places after hours – away from a bar or super-smashed clubbers. Heritage Cafe is a hip cafe always packed with night owls. It has a fun 1960s feel with antique bicycles, reel-to-reel music player and vinyls, retro posters, sofas, good music and even three bulldogs to get relaxed with. Or head for CI5 Cafe for a more tranquil ambiance to work or chill.

6. Night markets

Wandering around night markets after midnight gives you a chance to glimpse the real character of the city, even more revealing than any museum or guided tours. At the Ho Thi Ky flower wholesale market, the air is filled with the aromatic mix of various types of flowers. At its peak time around 2 AM, people flock to the market, running, moving, shouting, buying en masse before sunrise.

7. Early morning walk

Saigon is definitely best explored in the early morning when most tourists and travellers have yet to wake up and you rarely suffer from the humidity. An early morning walk along the Saigon riverfront gives you a satisfying sense that the whole city is all yours. Or mill around public parks to witness a calm, tranquil side of the city where people take exercise, yoga, Tai Chi or simply enjoy some fresh air.

Taking early morning walk from Singapore hotels in district 1

8. Coffee Shops

One of the most common activities at night for people in HCMC is enjoying a cup of coffee with friends. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many coffee shops with different themes for you to choose from.

If travelers are into the typical espresso or other traditional coffees they have at home, the Highland Coffee shop chain will be suitable for them. Highland Coffee offers many different sorts of drinks from coffee to non-coffee drinks, from smoothies to soda. This coffee shop is assured to have the best quality, for espresso or ice-cap. The drinks are made following Western style recipe so the taste is strange to Vietnamese but would sure relieve tourists’ homesick.

Besides, travelers can go to the other famous coffee shops such as Thuc Coffee, Highland Coffee, Trung Nguyen Coffee, Bean Coffee, etc. Most coffee shops are on the crowded streets in Ho Chi Minh City. A common point in these coffee shops is the relaxing atmosphere with music played all the time. These coffee shops are suitable for friends meetings or couples with dancing, chatting, and singing all night. The design of coffee shops is also very beautiful with lights, comfortable sofas and great music that make guests peaceful when they walk through the door.

Moreover, tourists could search the address of coffee shops on Google Map because these are located almost districts in Ho Chi Minh City. There are local favorite stops as well, which in fact attracts the majority of coffee lovers at night. 

9. Movie Theatre

Movie Theater is also an interesting place to spend time with family; friends or lovers. Everyone can watch the latest blockbusters together, give comments about the movies or discuss about the content of each movie together for a lesson learned from them. The movie theater is not a good place for chatting and discussing, though.

There are many cinemas in Ho Chi Minh City with quality of the screen, sound and seats or couple seats which gives guests the best view of the screen and comfortable private space for couples. Moreover, the ticket fee is not high. At night, the ticket is higher on weekend a little bit.

The most popular cinema in Ho Chi Minh City as Galaxy, BHD, CGV, Lotte, Cinebox, Megastar, Cinestar.

With many suggestions above, it’s very easy to find out some interesting places to visit in Ho Chi Minh City. After a long tour around in this city, people should choose one of the good Singapore hotels to stay because of its convinience and comfort. Let’s click here to get more the information. 

Top the bad things and good things you should consider when come to Vietnam


Vietnam is one of the beautiful countries in the world, especially, Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi are the biggest cities of this nation. But to get a good trip around Vietnam, foreigners should consider something below.

1. Kepp your visa seriously

Yes, it seems like common sense, but I have seen tourists turned away at the airport for visa misinformation or failing to print their visa-on-arrival pre-approval paper. Double, triple check all of your information, have your accommodation address ready to go for the arrival form, be very respectful to the immigration officers, no matter how cold they are. Get stamped and enjoy.

2. Considering before paying something

This is something that is difficult for us North Americans to understand. We are used to a fixed price for everything and we generally believe what we hear and read.

Remember, it is normal in Vietnam for locals to overcharge or inflate prices when they feel they can get more money for something. It’s been happening here in Vietnam since long before tourists ever arrived. It is not necessarily that they are “ripping you off”. It’s just the fluid way that small transactions happen in Vietnam. Sellers will make false claims, pretend you’ve agreed to a higher price, or give you back less change than you’re owed. Happens every day. Be careful, educate yourself and know that….

3. Be careful with beggars

This is another hard one for first-time travelers to understand and it sours many trips to Vietnam. Though politically communist and still state-organized on a larger scale, Vietnam is hyper-capitalistic on street-level. Tourists have only been coming for twenty years. To the Vietnamese, there is nothing wrong with doing or saying anything it takes to get your business.

In the rush for tourist cash, locals (tailors, hotel staff, travel agents, taxi drivers) will do or say anything. The good thing is, unlike in Thailand, everything is negotiable. 

4. The best rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City

Anywhere we go, if we love rooftop bars. Cool breeze, city lights, paper airplanes…Vietnam has more the best rooftop bars than any other country.

In Nha Trang, try the Sheraton at happy hour (sundown, best time). In Ho Chi Minh City, the Propeller bar on 7 Ngo Van Nam Street or Broma Bar’s top floor. In Hanoi, check out Pacific Place’s expansive view. These bars are changing every year, so do your research and go grab the best seat in town. Often, they have happy hour specials- the best time to imbibe.

one of the best rooftop bars in district 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

5. The best Singapore hotels

Take a few minutes to explore on foot, especially the smaller alleys or backstreets, and you will find much friendlier, cleaner and cheaper hotels. There is an abundance of hotels in Vietnam. Don’t accept the first place, take a look around and bargain the price if staying more than one night. Over the past few years, an increasing amount of short and long term apartments have become available on AirBnb. If you look into AirBnb, you can get a $40 discount on your first stay. Moreover, if you visit Ho Chi Minh City, you can book advance in Bay Hotel, one of the best Singapore hotels here. You will get a paradise to relax in your trip.

6. Ready to walk away from any financial transaction

Vietnamese love to do business and hate to see a customer walk away. Generally, they get the upper hand the second you ask “how much”. Don’t let them keep you held down. Name your price. Stick to the price you want and just politely walk away if they don’t go for it. They will call you back if it’s a fair deal, or offer you their lowest price while you’re still within earshot. Don’t let them squeeze any higher amount out of you. The Vietnamese respect a tough customer, even if you feel you’ve wasted their time and want to ‘give in’, don’t.

7. Don’t confuse “15” and “50”

One of those “petty” things to watch out for. Street vendors such as coconut sellers or shoe shiners will trick you and claim that you agreed to a higher “50” thousand dong and not the “15” thousand you were 100% sure was understood. The price of a coconut or a shoe shine is around 15,000 dong, so be sure that “15” is understood before the coconut is cracked open or your shoes are shined. Don’t fall for the “50”. Once their end of the deal is met, you can’t win the argument. It’s ’50’.

What you do is try to take out 15,000 dong and show it to the seller before we commit. Or, you use my fingers to illustrate “1” and “5” so there is no confusion in the end. 35,000 dong may seem like a small amount to fuss over, but being overcharged is a tourist’s No.1 reason for never returning to Vietnam.

8. Buy train tickets at the train station, not from an agent

Most people love the train in Vietnam. It’s a great way to see the pastoral landscape safely, peacefully and without the constant honking. Almost indefinitely, your hotel will ask you “where are you going next?”. This is because they want to buy your train ticket, or arrange your flight or bus ticket, for a substantial “service fee” (200,000 dong / ticket, generally) that they will tell you is the actual cost of the ticket. Yes, your hotel is lying to you. Happens every day to me, too.

Take a half hour of your time, hire a xe ôm (motorbike taxi) to take you to the train station and buy your tickets directly there. Or, when you arrive by train buy your ticket out of town right away. Tickets do tend to sell out days in advance, so don’t go to the train station with no ticket expecting to hop on the next train.

9. Breakfast in Vietnfam

Noodles, sandwiches, spring rolls: Vietnam has amazing and cheap street food around every corner. You don’t need to force down a bland hotel breakfast to get the day going.

Hotels will try to lure you in with the “breakfast included” offer. Breakfast won’t be terrible, but it is probably not worth considering in the cost of your stay. In Vietnam, it is super easy to run out and grab an amazing bowl of soup for 20,000 dong no matter where you are. The streetside soup, and coffee (10,000 dong), will be much better than the greasy eggs and stale baguette offered by your hotel.

10. Don’t try ride motobike in Vietnam

INothing worse than some ugly scrapes and a shake-up. However, If you have seen some friends have more serious falls and you have seen some very-bandaged backpackers limping around Mui Ne and Sapa. Motorbikes are very dangerous.

However, getting out to the countryside on your own two wheels is an unforgettable experience and one of the highlights of Vietnam. Rent your own for $5 (manual) or $7 (automatic) throughout Vietnam. Don’t forget to fill it up with gas to avoid stalling in the middle of nowhere. Be sure to have travel health insuranfce and bring your information card to have ready in the case of an emergency.

If you are apprehensive to drive your own, please don’t. Lack of confidence will make you a worse driver. Pay a little extra to have a local such as the Easy Riders take you on a day trip ($13+/ day).

Don't try ride motobike which is very dangerous

11. Vietnam is bigger than travelers think

The train from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City (1726 km) takes about 34 hours. By bus, maybe 50 hours. It’s not unlike a trip from New York to Los Angeles.

If you’re doing the whole north to south trip, give yourself three weeks or be prepared to rush, or fly. There is so much to see between Hanoi and HCMC. You don’t want to watch it whizz by your window. Don’t underestimate Vietnam’s size and give yourself time to explore. If you only have a week or two, stick to either the Northern, Central or Southern regions. Don’t try to force it all down in one short fling.

12. VN has a lower “backpacker” quotient than others 

Refreshingly, Vietnam still feels very Vietnamese. After the tourist zoos of Phuket or Siem Reap, Vietnam will feel a bit wild and off-the-beaten-path, as long as you make the effort to get lost.

Yes, a “backpacker trail” exists in Vietnam and it is generally: Hanoi – Ha Long Bay – (maybe) Ninh Binh – Hue – (maybe) Da Nang – Hoi An – Nha Trang – Mui Ne – Ho Chi Minh City. I love all these places, but this is where you will encounter other tourists (for better or worse), and be treated most like a tourist. Still, with 85 million Vietnamese citizens and just 5.5 million tourists a year, Vietnam’s foreign tourists are generally diluted by the country’s young population and dynamic fabric of town and urban centers.

13. The differnce between Hanoi Capital and Ho Chi Minh City

The eternal Hanoi vs. Ho Chi Minh City debate is pointless. These two great cities are both worth visiting, but for different reasons.

Hanoi is very much the governmental capital, and you can feel it immediately. The body of Ho Chi Minh is preserved here. The ancient pagodas still point out from the willowy lakesides, the French quarter is better preserved and more quaint. It is the quintessential capital city- straight, low-key and traditional.

For vibrancy, culture and nightlife, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is the place to be. Sexy neon lights, rooftop bars, sophisticated cafes, a burgeoning art and music scene, Saigon is the city most foreign expats prefer, and for good reason. The ‘attractions’ here are not the draw; it’s the culture and people.

14. Pay close attention to your dong

500,000 dong ($26 usd) often confused with 50,000 dong ($2.60 usd).

Vietnam uses the dong as its currency. Making jokes about your ‘dong’ is a prerequisite for travel here. However, handing over more of your dong is a serious problem for newbies in Vietnam. Be careful.

21,000 dong = 1 usd

Remember, 10,000 dong looks a lot like 100,000 dong.

50,000 dong looks a lot like 500,000 dong.

Look your bills over twice before handing them off. It’s a small, easy mistake that could cost you a day’s budget.

14. Don’t put your Iphone on the table 

I don’t know how many disgruntled expats and travelers I have met that are heartbroken over their smartphone being snatched when they weren’t looking….“…I put it right there on the table and the lady selling coconuts must have grabbed it. How could this have happened?!”

Your things are pretty safe in Vietnam, just don’t flaunt them or put them down carelessly where anyone could grab them and take off. Escape via motorbike is easy.

Loop the strap of your day bag or purse under the leg of your chair. Keep your phone in your front pocket and don’t limp-wristedly take photos in super-busy areas. Place your bag or purse between you and the driver, if riding on a motorbike. Be weary of any strange, sexy women approaching you at night. Don’t let it all hang out.

The above information will help people, especially, foreign tourists to get more experiences which support their trip. Get a memorible trip, safe trip. 


Tips for traveling in Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh City is a good place for people who love the bustling cities. If you want to have a wonderful trip in this city, enjoy your cocktail in some best rooftop bar or take a rest in Singapore hotel in district 1 without worrying about anything which makes you annoy. Let the above tips help you do that.

1. Be careful with beggars

DO NOT hand out money to beggars such as children, elderly, or disabled, no matter how decrepit they may seem. This is not due to any inhumane or uncharitable reasons, but because most of these beggars are part of a profit-making “syndicate” of beggars, usually headed by some unscrupulous low-life who has recruited orphan children from a young age, and crippled them themselves (yes believe it or not there are still monsters out there who purposely maim children and use them as money-making machines).

By giving these disabled and maimed beggars money you are effectively feeding the system that produces these maimed children. The more “profitable” they become, the more orphans they recruit and deliberately maim them to draw compassion from unsuspecting tourists. By giving them money you are proliferating the problem rather than helping it. If you think the money you give goes directly to the beggars, think again, all money is channeled back to the head honcho, and the beggars are given nothing more than basic sustenance and forced to work to meet daily quotas. 

The best way to handle the situation is to avoid eye contact altogether. Do not say “no”, do not look them in the eye or show them that you are aware of their presence. You must pretend they are invisible. If you say “no” or respond to them with eye contact in any way, they will know you have seen them and will keep badgering you until you say yes. If you ignore them, they will give up and go away.

2. Be careful of imitation or small cab companies

You can believe only some taxi companies in HCM: Mai Linh (white vehicle with green writing) and Vinasun (white and green vehicle) and Grab (download app Grabbike which give you the best vehicle). Be careful of taxi’s with similar names masquerading as the two big cab companies, they more often than not will overcharge or have fixed meters. Even if a cab has the same name as the two big cab companies but the vehicle is a different colour, do NOT be fooled, this is not the real deal. If you find you have flagged down the wrong taxi (because from a distance they all look the same) do not be afraid to decline and walk away. 

It is OK to tip the “concierge” boy standing in front of every shop, restaurant or hotel who hails a taxi for you. These staff (often indistinguishable from casually dressed locals) are providing a service and often rely on tips, and therefore are not beggars. A local who flags a taxi for you may also be tipped.

A careful trip in Ho Chi Minh City is very important

3. An extra money 

Tipping is virtually unavoidable in Vietnam, you will find there is a member of staff to perform even the most trivial of tasks for you. A tip is usually the polite thing to do as staff do not receive wages, but rely solely on tips. A tip of $1 – $3 is more than suffice (although depending on the type of service provided, such as the hotel manager who has personally looked after you for your trip) more may be justified. If the staff member demands more than what you think is deserving, do not be afraid to decline them, as they are most likely trying to extract more from the unsuspecting tourist.

4. Don’t choose Xich Lo for a quick

There are many Westerners believe to be a novelty experience called the “xich lo”. A “xich lo” is a bicycle with a lowered seat at the front for passengers. While in the past this was a common mode of transport, the wide-spread use of motorcycles and cars has rendered the xich lo to be a very slow and unsafe mode of transport. Passengers will find themselves at eye level with exhaust fumes and heavy traffic, exposed to the elements and with very little protection from traffic. Unfortunately if an accident were to happy the xich lo passenger would draw the shorter end of the stick. Xich lo drivers also have a tendency to charge extortionate prices to tourists. A ride should not cost more than $2.

5. Tour companies

Check and compare prices, they are better at this street near the backpackers district.Hotel prices are way to expensive. A full day tour around ther city with ‘light lunch’ in a group of about 20 ppl cost me $20.00 each.
A must tour of the Cu Chi tunnel(1/2 day) cost me $5.00 each. You meet at the tour Company and get picked up by a large tour Company and everyone gets on a big tour bus. Get a good map. Once you have been there for a day or 2, you can just walk everywhere and discover the city that way.

The best rooftop bar of the Singapore hotesl in district 1 is the best choice

6. Food and drink

Pho 24 is a chain rest. but really good and clean food.

Pho 2 000, good food and clean but not super cheap.

Food court at the Diamond Plaza 3rd fl. Good choices.

Hoi An Restaurant is too expensive and not good food, but good service.

CHIC Restaurant of Bay Hotel looks really fancy but, don’t let that fool you, the prices was actually cheaper than a small Restaurant.

Must Drink the Ice coffee with condensed milk there, so awesome, amazingly delicious. Can’t say enough about it. Tourists can get it at a roadside stand and at a too expensive Highland cafe and they both taste equally good. 

In general, the Vietnamnese people are awesome. Go and have fun and be confident when crossing the streets. If you wanna read more the information about this city. Click here.

Thank you for reading this article. 

Ghé thăm Montreal, Canada


Bạn đã nghe nói về Liên hoan quốc tế de Jazz de Montreal, L'International des Feux Loto-Quebec và Cirque Montreal lần thứ 30 tới chưa nhỉ?

Chi phí du lịch nước ngoài

Nếu bạn đang lập kế hoạch cho một chuyến thăm năm nay, đây là một số lễ hội sắp tới dành cho bạn:

1. Liên hoan Mode & Design – cho phép bạn có được cái nhìn cận cảnh về thế giới thời trang. Hơn 50 show diễn thời trang (các nhà thiết kế tuyệt nhất của Canada sẽ tham gia) sẽ được thiết kế trưng bày và trình diễn âm nhạc sống động. Một điều bắt buộc cho các fashionista!

2. Liên hoan phim thế giới Montreal là lễ hội phim ở Bắc Mỹ được công nhận bởi Liên đoàn quốc tế Hiệp hội các nhà sản xuất phim. Năm nay là lần tổ chức thứ 38, bạn có thể xem phim từ hơn 70 quốc gia, cũng như nghe chia sẻ từ một số nhà làm phim nổi tiếng.

3. Pop Montreal- dành cho các nhạc sĩ pop quốc tế, Pháp, Canada. Lễ hội 5 ngày năng động này diễn ra vào tháng Chín với sự tham gia của hơn 600 nghệ sĩ và số lượng khán giả là hơn 50 000 người.

4. La Biennale de Montreal- là một sự kiện quốc tế trí thức hơn, tập trung vào bộ phim, tác phẩm điêu khắc, nhiếp ảnh, hội họa và nghệ thuật sắp đặt…

Tìm nơi ăn cơm giữa các lễ hội ?

Trong thời gian nghỉ ngơi, hãy thử tìm đến Maison Boulud, một trong những nhà hàng mới nhất từ ​​đầu bếp nổi tiếng, Daniel Boulud, vừa được tân trang lại tại Ritz-Carlton Montreal, cung cấp một tùy chọn thanh lịch, nhưng không ngột ngạt (bao gồm cả bàn ngoài trời với tầm nhìn hướng ra công viên thanh bình). Các món ăn được phục vụ tại Boulud là sự kết hợp của các thành phần có nguồn gốc từ những nhà cung cấp địa phương tốt nhất, đảm bảo một trải nghiệm ẩm thực độc đáo, cho dù bạn ghé quá đây cho bữa sáng, trưa hoặc tối. Món Marugula lấp lánh, rượu anh đào và Parmesan xà lách hoàn hảo cho món gà Moroccan gia vị.

Chi phí du lịch châu Âu

Món ngon ở châu Âu

Du lịch châu Âu


Những khách sạn chay sang trọng ở Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka là một hòn đảo có rất nhiều thứ để cung cấp; một lịch sử phong phú, một nền văn hóa rực rỡ, những bãi biển, vẻ đẹp tự nhiên và những món ăn tuyệt vời mà tôi chắc rằng, bạn không thể nào tìm thấy được bên ngoài đất nước này. Trước đây, nơi này mắc rất nhiều vấn đề từ một cuộc nội chiến dài và sau đó là sự tàn phá bị gây ra bởi cơn sóng thần Boxing Day 2004, du lịch tại Sri Lanka bây giờ đang được hưởng một sự hồi sinh và mọi người đang dần quay trở lại nơi đây để thưởng thức và ngắm nhìn hòn đảo xinh đẹp này.

Chúng tôi đã đến thăm Sri Lanka nhiều lần trong những năm qua, nhìn thấy những thay đổi, cải tiến và những điều cần tránh; và thực sự, chúng tôi đã có rất nhiều tình yêu dành cho đất nước này!

Dưới đây là những điểm yêu thích của chúng tôi để thoát khỏi sự điên cuồng của các đường phố bên ngoài, đến gần với những điều tuyệt nhất mà Sri Lanka cung cấp và một số địa điểm bán đồ thuần chay tuyệt nhất trong nước.

Trải nghiệm sự sang trọng tại trung tâm thành phố Cinnamon Red

Ở trung tâm thủ đô Colombo, Cinnamon Red là một bất động sản xa xỉ hàng đầu với một hồ bơi siêu rộng trên mái vòm, một sự rung cảm siêu cool và chuyên phục vụ những bữa sáng "đã thèm" hoàn hảo.

Kinh nghiệm du lịch ALTB Sri Lanka

Những vị khách ăn chay có cơ hội thưởng thức những món Sri Lanka đặc biệt như chuỗi gạo đỏ với dahl, dừa 'sambol' và 'lunu miris' tương ớt cay nồng.

Món ngon ở khách sạn ALTB Sri Lanka

Ở trong một tòa nhà mang tính biểu tượng tại Heritance Kandalama

Khách sạn độc đáo này là sáng tạo cuối cùng của kiến trúc sư nổi tiếng Sri Lanka, Geoffrey Bawa…

Bạn đã từng đến khách sạn ALTB Sri Lanka chưa?

Nằm giữa những điểm tham quan du lịch nổi tiếng nhất Sri Lanka, pháo đài đá cổ ở Sigiriya và những ngôi đền hang động tuyệt đẹp ở Dambulla, khách sạn này là một nơi hoàn hảo để trải nghiệm vùng Bawa cũng như ngắm nhìn các khu rừng xung quanh gần với các khách sạn…

Khung cảnh khách sạn ALTB Sri Lanka

Bạn có thể có đủ may mắn để thử các món bánh chay được đặc biệt làm từ bột gạo và sữa dừa, nhồi với bợn dừa tươi ở địa phương.

Món ngon ở khách sạn ALTB Sri Lanka

Heritance Kandalama cũng là một trong những nơi tuyệt vời nhất Sri Lanka với những món thực phẩm chay ở địa phương nổi tiếng…