If you are a foreigner and going to visit Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam, I’m very delighted to suppose some places you should go to. In my opinion, District 1 where is modern and exciting will be the best choice for you.

Of course, the most of your concern is accommodation; you don’t actually know where you are staying during the trip. Don’t worry about that because most of the Ho Chi Minh’s hotels will solve your issue. First of all, you should choose hotel which is nearby central District 1 with good service that will help you less walking than other hotels. With good service, you will be provided more secure services and you can totally set your mind at rest.

Hotels in strategic position like District 1, a sleepless district, will bring you the most wonderful view from each aspect of hotel. Especially, when it’s getting dark Ho Chi Minh City is more and more exciting with the street lights that make a colorful picture in your eyes. Moreover, you are able to walk to Notre Dame, Central Post Office, the Reunification Palace and Hotel Continental Saigon that all works carry a beautiful French architecture and charm, across the road you will find the Opera House, all of these places are well worth a visit.

If you are not confident with your Vietnamese and there is any translators. Don’t be nervous! With the high density of foreigners, most citizens can communicate in English. According to some Travel Newspapers, District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City is the most ideal place to visit and live for a long time.

Obviously! Everywhere has a costly there but travel expense in District 1 is not inexpensive. In addition, there are many street foods in Ho Chi Minh City with stable price; you can try mouthwatering Vietnamese cuisine there. I make sure that you’ll have numbers of fascinating experiences of exotic cuisine and culture as well as the opportunities to use chopsticks, enjoy the Vietnamese traditional food.   

After your tour around the city, you may be tired and I guess you need a big bed for your back. Hotel is your priority; their staff will prepare everything for you such as water, tea, coffee combine with air conditioner, bathroom with modern equipment, etc. in your own special room. They always expect their service make you feel like you’re a King in royal palace. You cannot forget the first time you are received a warm welcome from hotel’s receptionist in the glorious guestroom.

Luxury hotels equip the convenient equipment to ensure supply the best service for you involved restaurant with diversity of food over the world, beautiful lounge, swimming pool, spa room, gymnastic room, and other good values to help you feel the most comfortable.

If you haven’t decided where you will stay yet, you can quick reference http://www.bayhotelhcm.com/ . It’s one of the best hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. I hope you will get a nice trip in the future.