Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There were many foreigners who visited here per year even many tourists said that they wanted to stay here for some days before they move on other countries.

Certainly, there are many things grabbed travelers that thanks to element such as tourist attractions, foods, traditional culture, etc.

It can be easy to see the smiles on citizens’ face that make foreigners feel like they are being warm welcomed by friendly and kind people. It is interesting that Ho Chi Minh City has many restaurants and coffee shops which called are “street foods” on the street lanes. This is a feature that foreigners rarely see in different countries. The first dish that many foreign tourists enjoy is “Pho noodle soup” which is Saigon style. Recently, this city has just built “Asiana Food Town” that is an underground market in District 1 with various stores. Travelers can try Vietnamese, Thailand, and Korean cuisine there.   

Moreover, when tourists walk in the city, they can enjoy many beautiful flowers on the streets with whom they can even take a completely free photo. If travelers feel tired, they can buy the fresh juice such as coconut, orange, apple, and avocado in the street at the amazing price 1 USD.  

Foreign tourists said that walking the streets of Ho Chi Minh City makes them surprised with many special things. It’s different from Bangkok where people don’t like others walking ahead of them, although they are very friendly and always ready to help travelers whenever. But here, Ho Chi Minh City, citizens can look at tourists and touch their hand by asking them many very kindly, lovely questions.

If tourists want to visit many places much more, they can take a motorbike taxi which is everywhere such as sidewalk, in a corner to wait for customers in Ho Chi Minh City. Drivers always ask them to wear a helmet which is such a very positive thing. Sometimes, they seem to be tired. Some drivers are asleep or observe people move constantly in the street. It is a very interesting image in Ho Chi Minh City for travelers.

Ho Chi Minh City is ancient city but it has also many modern building such as Bitexco Financial Tower, A&B, Lim Tower where people can see many breathtaking views of sleepless city from the top. Besides, there many modern hotels with special styles as Bay Hotel with the picturesque decorations inside make people falling leaves. Customers can choose their own room with different styles like: superior, deluxe, business, designer suit. 

With expectation of a nice trip for travelers, hotel will supply the best services with the newest equipment in guestroom, bedroom, bathroom, spa room, gymnastic room, etc. Tourists will be satisfied when chose there to relax after a long trip. Especially, because it placed in District 1 people can travel the Notre Dame, Central Post Office, the Reunification Palace and Hotel Continental Saigon that all works carry a beautiful French architecture and charm, across the road they will find the Opera House, all of these places are well worth a visit.      

It makes sure that Ho Chi Minh City will bring a holiday of life time to travelers with great experiences, happiness. Vietnam in general and this city in particular is as an interesting gift for tourists. This is the absolutely reasons to decide to longer stay in Ho Chi Minh City.